Unity of mind and body – free online class

Father and son, brown belt and red belt, practise aikido with unity of mind and body

One of the fundamentals of Ki Aikido is unity of mind and body. Nothing can be done effectively, Aikido or anything else, if the body is doing one thing while the mind does something different.

This Wednesday in the free online class we will look closely at how unity if mind and body can help both health and self-defence, and how to attain it. We’ll also be exploring attacks from behind, by popular demand.

Free to join – 5.50 -6.50pm British Summer Time. Beginners welcome. Wear loose-fitting clothing for ease of movement.

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Charles Harris

Charles Harris is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Kilburn Aikido
Time: 5.50-6.50 pm British Summer Time Wednesdays

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