Aikido strength in variety

Aikido in action - ude-furi undo

One of Aikido’s greatest strengths is the variety of responses available to a defender.

This variety of choice gives us a tremendous freedom, but we hardly ever examine the range of possibilities and what it means in practice.

In this Thursday’s free online Aikido we’ll be looking at how to use variety within techniques, to increase our chances of staying safe, defending effectively and yet without aggression.

Feel free to join – 6 -6.50pm BST (please log on at 5.50pm so that we can start on time). Normal clothing.

Best wishes

Charles Harris

Charles Harris is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Kilburn Aikido Time: 6.00-6.50 pm BST Thursdays (log on 5.50 pm).

Email for the private link.

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