What is aikido

Where aikido differs from many other martial arts is its emphasis on blending, balance and timing and Ki to affect the opponent. Relying on strength in aikido is not only unnecessary, but will also reduce the effectiveness of your technique.

Aikido is a defensive martial art based on using the opponents strength and aggression against them in a controlled rather than damaging manner. Ki Aikido is not a sport and retains a traditional view to practice. Discipline and a respect for your practice partner must be maintained.

Typically, aikido is practised in pairs. This reliance on a partner fosters co-operation and harmony within the dojo and aids self development greatly as the normal element of competition found within martial arts is removed.

Although aikido is principally an unarmed martial art, some Japanese weapon work is taught as an aid to concentration and posture.

Our dojo is currently closed due to measures to present the spread of the coronavirus – contact us and we’ll tell you when we reopen for free introductory lessons.

The Association of Ki Aikido is a member of Aikido for Daily Life and the British Aikido Board