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Thursday 7:00pm-9:00pm
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Behaviour in the dojo

Expected Behaviour in the dojo

A high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Bandages on any cuts.

Banned Behaviour in the dojo

General disrespect or violence.

Not Banned

Questions about technique or aikido in general, laughing, being serious, politeness, welcoming new members, enjoyment, discipline, focus, helping each other improve.

Dojo etiquette

In order to retain the correct attitude to practice, certain "manners" are expected within the dojo.

You must stop practice immediately when the sensei claps his hands or calls stop.

When entering or leaving the dojo, you should bow (while standing). This is to help the practitioner realise they have left the "real" world and are now in a martial arts dojo and to show correct attitude towards studying the art. If the class has already started, wait for the sensei to call you on before stepping onto the mat (with another standing bow).

In order to leave the practice mat, permission of the sensei should be sought. This is a safety rule to enable to sensei to know who is actually in the practice.

Prior to starting the practice, all students will line up opposite the sensei in a kneeling position and bow to the sensei (who returns the bow). This will indicate the start of the aikido practice.

At the end of the current practice session, another kneeling bow will be made. This is made to thank both the sensei and all your aikido partners for the recent aikido practice.

A bow is used to thank your aikido partner, or to thank the aikido sensei for giving advice.

Bowing in martial arts is the equivalent of the Western handshake and indicates respect only. It is not a form of worship. If you feel (for whatever reason) you cannot sanction bowing, please let the sensei know at the start of the class so that no misunderstandings occur.